4 Reasons a Heated Pool Is More Than Worth the Cost

28 August 2017
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A swimming pool is already a significant purchase, and a heated pool is obviously going to be more expensive. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't be worth the cost. If you find yourself on the fence about whether to spend extra on a heated pool, consider these four outstanding reasons why they are more than worth the cost. 1. Extended Swimming Times Here's the thing: you're buying your swimming pool so you have a place to swim. Read More 

3 Signs You Might Want to Choose a Beach Entry Swimming Pool

24 April 2017
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Most residential swimming pools will be of a uniform depth across their whole length and width, with ladders mounted to let you enter and exit. However, you can also opt for a beach entry pool. Also known as zero entry pools, beach entry pools have one side that slopes downwards to form an entrance. This means that you can walk into the pool, just as if you were walking down a beach and into the deepening sea. Read More 

Essential Tips to Keeping Your Pool Well Maintained

18 April 2017
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If your swimming pool is to serve you and your family all season long, you need to ensure that it is receiving the proper care and maintenance. For most homeowners, this means scheduling routine, professional pool servicing to make sure that everything is working as it should be. Nonetheless, this is not to say that you should not get your hands dirty and put in some effort for the wellbeing of your pool. Read More 

How to Keep the Water in Your Pool Clean and Safe for Swimming

13 April 2017
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Swimming is a favourite pastime for many people living in homes that experience hot weather for the most part of the year. Proper pool maintenance is critical to ensuring that families have a pleasant time swimming in their residential pools. Keeping the water in your pool safe and clean is a responsibility that you should never overlook, as dirty water is unsightly to look at and can also be a cause of illness for your family. Read More 

Why Your Pool May Need Vinyl Liner Replacement

28 March 2017
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A vinyl pool liner is a sheet of vinyl material that is installed in a pool to act as a waterproofing membrane between the water and the pool structure. Generally speaking, more and more new pool owners are installing vinyl liner pools over the traditional plaster version because it costs less and takes less time to build a vinyl pool. If you have installed a vinyl liner pool in your home, you should be aware that the vinyl in your pool does not have an unlimited lifespan. Read More